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Celebrating one year of blogging!  This post is one of my favorites!

Happy Anniversary Ordinary1


Hebrews 11:6 (NIV) And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

Several years ago, John and I planned a photography vacation to Page, Arizona, SPECIFICALLY so he could take some breathtaking pictures of the scenery.  SONY DSCWe toured the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam, Antelope Canyon and other beautiful sites. We took a slow, peaceful rafting trip down the Colorado River that was like laying in a hammock on a cool fall day – oh, so relaxing!DSC01301 REV. A

Horseshoe Bend was the one photo John really, really wanted to take. It was a ¾ mile hike over a hot, arid, trail of sand. The temperature was above 100 degrees, and the overlook is 4,200 feet above sea level, making it a tough hike for these two South Louisiana tourists!

At the end of the trail, the overlook had a guardrail so you could safely see the breathtaking view of the Colorado River 1000 feet below. There was also an area of the cliff with no guardrails, and huge rocks to climb on to get an even better view of the river. It was a sheer drop straight down! Having a fear of heights, I stayed away from this area, but John wanted to climb on the rocks, hang over the edge and get the best picture of Horseshoe Bend. I begged him not to do it.

There was a young Asian couple on the cliff top with obviously the same problem. With camera in hand, he wanted to walk to the edge of the cliff. She was in distress at this!

In a shrill voice, full of fear, she told her husband:


I looked John dead in the eye, pointed to the young woman and said “YEAH, what SHE said!”

Loosely translated, I’m pretty sure she was saying “DON’T DO IT! Please don’t go to the edge! You could fall! I would be a widow! I hope you have your insurance paid up!”

John didn’t listen to me. He walked around the bend, out of my sight, up the rocks and stood on the edge of the cliff (with no guardrails!) and took the most stunning picture of Horseshoe Bend.


Sometimes you have to stand at the edge of the cliff to get the great shot.

And so it is with my faith walk.  I’m scared to go to the edge of the cliff. I’m afraid to fall on my face while the world watches. I’m afraid God won’t come through for me – ordinary me.

And yet, when I step out in faith and obedience, God ALWAYS provides. EVERY TIME I have stepped out of my comfort zone for Him, my Heavenly Father has been there for me!

And I’m finding, the more I get out of my comfort zone and walk by faith to the edge of the cliff, the more I will see God’s beautiful picture of love and faithfulness as He equips me to do His will and His work. But I have to take that first step! And when I do, He will provide all that is needed!

What faith step do you need to take? Are you standing boldly at the edge of the cliff?

God in heaven, Creator of heaven and earth, I want to have that “edge of the cliff” faith to step out in obedience and follow You! I know that my ways are not Your ways, and that Your way is THE way. I thank You for Your faithfulness in equipping me to do things I could not do on my own. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.