What I hope they remember~

~ the times we sprawled on the floor playing Jenga, putting together puzzles and making up stories with Barbies and action figures.

~ how proud I was of each of their accomplishments; but more important than that, with each of their failures. Because in failing, they tried. In failing, they gave 1,000%. In failing, they learned.

~ the times we danced around the house – not because we were great dancers, but because we were silly and it was fun!


~ fall leaves raked into a big pile, only to be scattered by the kids, running and jumping into the middle, and throwing leaves high into the air, swept away by the cool breeze. I hope they remember the goofy faces we made, just because.


~ the conversations we shared in the car, on the way to Vacation Bible School; the fun we had at VBS.

~ the unusual winter with all the ice storms. I hope they remember the icicles we broke off the house, and pretended they were buggers! I hope they remember how funny and goofy that was, and not gross at all!


~ all the hugs we shared.

~ the bedtime prayers that were prayed for them.

Although I never had children of my own, I was blessed to marry a wonderful man, father of two great kids. Those kids grew up to be pretty cool adults who became awesome parents. More than anything, what I hope they remember is this:

~ that even though no blood in our veins connects us, the love I have for them goes deeper than my heart…down to my very soul.

Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged (Proverbs 17:6a NLT)

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