“Did you see that? A bird just flew into your window!”

“I know.”

“Here he comes again!”


“It’s a cardinal!”

The bright red bird slammed himself against my office window once again.

“How often does he do that?”

“A couple of times a day, several days a week, and he’s been at it for over a year!”

Cardinal 1

After about six months, I named the bird. After nine months, I began having conversations with him (NOTE: 90% of my day I am alone in the office. It’s ok if I talk to the bird!):

“Redd, you are such a birdbrain! Stop. It. Stop it!  You aren’t getting anywhere!”

Mr. Redd is a perfect example of the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

Hmmph! I would never beat my brains out time and again, repeating the same thing, with no sign of progress! Not me! Never!

Or would I? The next morning during my prayer time, I found myself petitioning God for the same lost loved ones, the same prodigals, that had been off and on my prayer list for a year or more. Redd came to mind. I thought about his persistence and tenacity. I thought how consistently he beats himself against the window. He never gives up.

The only difference between me and Redd, is that I do give up. I pray and pray and pray, and don’t see anything happening. I think “What’s the use? This will never change!” And I stop beating my head against the window.

Luke 18:1 One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up. (NLT)


Shouldn’t I be insane in my praying? Can I do that? Pray insanely for someone or some situation? God is always working. I may never see the progress God is making. Or, the it may seem so small, that I don’t notice. Then one day, I look around, and my prayer has been answered!

Slowly, gradually over time, God has answered. No big fanfare or lightning flashes. Just a snail-like movement that almost goes unnoticed.

Mr. Redd may have seemed insane, but he taught me a powerful lesson:

Let your prayers be insane!

Always expect different results, responses, behaviors.

Always expect your prayers to make a difference! God can do it!


Cardinal Rule


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