A blog hop for writers. Hmmm, what is that? Well, it’s where a bunch of writers get together, and blog about their writing! They answer questions about their writing habits, and then introduce some blogging friends of theirs. My friend Julie, who blogs at Loving God, Loving Others asked me to participate in her blog hop. So here goes!

What am I writing or working on? I have just finished a series that has been on my heart for two years. It is what the Lord taught me in the months following my Mom’s death. When I began thinking about this series, I thought it would be a Bible study on grief. After I compiled my notes, I found it to be more “living for eternity” than grief. Funny how God works, huh? After I finish this blog hop, I will take a week off to re-group and gather all the ideas that have been rolling around in my brain. I’m not working on anything specific, just trying to catch my breath after a busy few weeks.

How does my work differ from others in its genre? My broad genre is a Christian non-fiction writer. I’m so new to the writing/blogging world, that I’m still searching for my deep passions, my voice and my niche. I am a story teller, and am passionate about God’s word. I like to tell my every day stories about how His word interacts with my ordinary, everyday situations. I enjoy sharing these insights with others.

Why do I write what I do? I have always written. I can’t NOT write! This love of writing lay dormant for many decades. Three years ago, my Mom passed away. I was concerned about two things: 1. Would I remember my childhood and younger years? 2. What would my legacy be? After that, the word “story” kept cropping up in my life, in things I was reading etc. I began writing my stories, to remember, to leave a legacy and to share God’s word and what He has done in my life!

How does my writing process work? I’m still working on this! I try to have a system, but usually I think of things to write when I’m in the shower or driving. One idea came to me while I was having a massage. Crazy how that works! When I am most relaxed, the ideas come. Of course, that’s usually when I don’t have pen and paper, or computer or recorder in hand! Oddly enough, my writing is mostly done in my head. When I finally sit at the keyboard, I began fleshing out the ideas. Sometimes what comes out of my pen/keyboard astounds me. I know this is not me. I know it is God, working through me. If you read anything of mine that amazes you, know that it isn’t me, I’m just ordinary…but like any ordinary person, I can become extraordinary when I am obedient to do what God has called me to do.

And now, I’d like to introduce you to two of my blogging “homies”:

Carmen HorneCarmen Horne is from my current home state of Louisiana! She has a heart for women and God’s word. I met her through the Compel writer’s community. Carmen has been married to her childhood sweetheart, Lary, for 37 years. They are blessed with one beautiful daughter, Madison. Mid-life is where she finds herself. Enjoying and sometimes enduring all the interesting aspects of that season. She works full-time at her day job and writes as God gives her inspiration. Carmen’s passion is ministry to women. Her prayer is that women of all ages will be drawn to Jesus Christ through each tap of her keyboard. Her favorite place to hang out is their screened porch with her family, nibbling on dark chocolate! You can hop over to Carmen’s blog here.


Wanda Lane is from my original home state of Mississippi, land of my birth! We also met through Compel. She has a story to tell that you will not want to miss! Wanda is wife to her best friend, mom to three very busy teens, bonus-mom to three grown children and Nana to two beautiful grands. She is a nurse, business owner, and professional student, currently working on her PhD. Blessed with an adventurous spirit, she has lived in various parts of the country working as a travel nurse. Currently her focus is on completing her forthcoming book entitled From Chaos to Peace-Five Steps to Reclaiming Control of your Life When Married to an Addict. In it, she shares lessons learned, insights revealed and practical tips on establishing boundaries, setting up safe plans and developing decision-making skills while married to an addict. Her former husband became addicted to prescription drugs, morphing from a kind and gentle man to an unpredictable, out-of-control stranger. She watched her peaceful life dissolve into a chaotic mess.  Wanda will be answering the writer’s questions in a couple of week. In the meantime you can find her at http://fromchaos2peace.weebly.com/. She would love to talk with you!

Hop on over to their blogs – you won’t be disappointed!!