Tonight I’m teaming up with Bonnie over at Faith Barista for Jam With Me Thursday!

The writing prompt for this week is…Voice

Here are my thoughts:

I’m not much of a talker, very much the introvert.  I listen and observe more than I talk. I have no clue what my “voice” is. However, since my mom passed away in 2011, several things have happened.

I was scared I would forget memories from my childhood. I felt the Lord prompting me to write my story. As a matter of fact, the word story kept popping up over the next year or so.  Story is from the original Greek word, meaning knowledge.  One of my spiritual gifts is knowledge. Hmmm, I’m listening.

I started writing.  Memories from childhood. Free writing. Prayer journal. Writing journal. Here’s the funny thing: the memories came flooding back. I remembered that I used to write all the time in high school and college.  I started recording my memories, my stories. Time after time I would think, “Why write? What’s the use? Who’s going to read it?”. After each negative thought, the word “story” or another confirmation would pop up. As a matter of fact, on Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare list, the three gifts for my birthday were “3 gifts of story”! Wow. I’m listening.

Voice? I don’t know what my writer’s voice is.  What I do know is this: I have been obedient to write. And God has been faithful to provide words. The words just keep pouring out…suddenly, I’m not only listening, I’m writing!

And as I record God’s Splashes of Flash in my Ordinary life, these stories of His will become the legacy I leave.

Joel 1:3 “So be sure to tell this story to your sons and daughters. Your sons should tell their sons and so on, for generations.” (The Voice Bible)

Faith Barista